Single-use plastic is destroying our planet

Every year, humans use more than 500 billion plastic cups and 50 billion pieces of plastic cutlery. Each piece takes valuable, finite resources to create and ship around the world, then are used once before piling up in landfills, streets, and oceans indefinitely. If we do not fix this problem soon then by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean that there is fish.

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ReYOUzi Cup

TThe reYOUzi cup is a high-quality, double-walled, stainless steel cup that will keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. The hidden carabiner handle makes it easy to attach to belt loops, backpack, and purses so you conveniently take it everywhere you go. From holding coffee to beer and every beverage in between, it’s the perfect eco conscious container for all your liquid holding needs.

The Original



ReYOUzi Kit

The reYOUzikit is a high quality pouch that includes a collapsible fork, knife, spoon, and cleaning kit which can easily attach to your belt, backpack, water bottle, or even your reYOUzi Cup. When you have your reYOUzi Kit by your side, you’ll never have to worry about eating with single-use plastic again.


-Pouch is made from recycled material.

-Fork, knife, and spoon tip are made from bamboo fibers.

-Multiple colors will be available as we grow.

-Pouch has room to hold IDs, credit cards, and cash.

-Multiple colors available with scale. 

Lead By Example

As you carry your reYOUzi products, you'll find that they’re organic conversation-starters  with people around you and can ignite a dialogue about ending our reliance on single-use plastic. Each product has a built-in QR code, so people can simply take a picture to learn more about how we can all do our part.

We Used To Do It

Before our society depended on single-use plastic, everyone would carry their cutlery with them. Check out these antique reYOUzi Kits from the 1800's to see how attainable this small yet integral lifestyle change will be!

Plastic is one of the largest man-made environmental disasters in history, so it’s time to take charge and reYOUzi provides an easy first step on the path to improving our planet.

Team Earth

By going reYOUzi, you are not only ending your reliance on single-use plastic and inspiring to others to do the same, but you are also actively helping protect the environment. reYOUzi has committed 11% of profits to non-profits working to take care of our planet.

reUzi products are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Each product comes with a reusable spray bottle and recycled material napkin for convenient, on-the-go cleaning. Simply fill the bottle with a 1 part vinegar (a natural cleaner) to 3 part water solution, and your cup and cutlery will be clean for each use between washing.

Cleaning Made Easy

Sustainably Sourced

All products have been sourced from factories that meet the SEDEX requirements for  labor rights, health & safety, environmental and business ethics. We will also use minimal packaging to ensure our products are as green as possible. 

Tucker Gumber

Better known as "The Festival Guy," Tucker devoted his life to improving the quality of the fan music festival experience. Having authored book "The Festival Throwers Bible" and "The FestivalGoer's Guide," Tucker is now expanding his work into his other passion of environmentalism and setting his sights on making single-use plastic a product of the past.

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Eric Dierks

Product Engineer

World traveler and mechanical engineer, Eric specializes in designing products to help people reduce their environmental impact. His travels throughout Asia helped him identify backpacker’s specific needs which he implements into his creations. He has a Master's and Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin, and lives in San Diego, California where he works for his boutique design company Sundance Product Development.

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