The reYOUzi Story

reYOUzi founder, Tucker Gumber, was born in Colorado where his Dad (and hero) was a Division Of Wildlife Officer and spent his career protecting the environment. Tucker was raised an outdoorsman and learned the importance of taking care of our planet. In 2011, Tucker went to his first music festival and recognized an opportunity to share tips and resources on the ways to have your best festival experience while also improving the experiences of others. Tucker spent the next eight years reviewing festivals and writing books (The Festival Thrower's Bible and The FestivalGoer's Guide) to encourage the community to do their part in making festivals cleaner and more eco-conscious.


Tucker has attended Burning Man every year since 2011, and loves how clean the event is thanks to attendees implementing a ‘Leave No Trace principle’ and carrying their own cups. In April 2018, Tucker decided that he wanted to stop using plastic so he searched for environmentally-friendly products that were durable enough for daily use. After testing out a variety of cups and cutlery that didn’t meet his standards, he decided to make his vision a reality create his own product.


Tucker discovered that carrying his reYOUzi cup has a special power to organically start conversations with his peers about how simple it is to end reliance on single-use plastic, and he recognized the importance of showing people how to easily integrate into your daily life. Thus, reYOUzi was born!


Tucker's Dad


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