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I'm excited to connect with you and work to make festivals cleaner and turn your trash expense into a revenue generator. Please find my contact information below and lets collaborate. 

E-Mail: Tucker.Gumber@Gmail.com

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ReYOUzi Cup

The ReYOUzicup is a high quality double walled stainless steel cup that will keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold. The hidden carabiner handle makes it easy to attach to your belt loops, backpack, or purse so you can make it a habit to take it everywhere you go. From coffee to beer it is the perfect container for all your favorite beverages.





ReYOUzi Kit

The ReYOUzikit features a collapsible fork, knife, and spoon in a specially designed pouch that can easily attach to your belt, backpack, water bottle, or ReYOUzicup so you always have it with you. By carrying it with you in your everyday life you will never have to use plastic cutlery again.



-Pouch is made from recycled material. 

-Fork, knife, and spoon tip is made from bamboo fibers. 

-Multiple colors will be available as we grow. 

Single-use plastic is destroying our planet

Every year the people of Earth use over 500 billion plastic cups and 50 billion pieces of plastic cutlery. Each piece takes valuable, finite resources to create and ship around the world. They are used once then sit forever n our landfills, streets, and oceans.

Photo: Caroline Power

Photo: Picture Alliance

Lead By Example

As you carry your ReYOUzi products you'll find that they organically start the conversation with people around you about how easy it is to end our reliance on single-use plastic. Each product has a built-in QR code so people can simply take a picture to learn more about how we can all do our part. Each order is tracked so you will be notified each time you saved plastic from having to be created. 

We Used To Do It

Before we had plastic to use once and then throw away, everyone would carry their cutlery with theme. Check out these  antique ReYOUzikits from the 1800's. 

Plastic ended up being the worst thing to ever happened to our planet so maybe it is time to get back to our roots and carry our own cutlery. 

Choose Your Cup

Choose Your Kit

Choose Your Cause

By going ReYOUzi you are not only ending your reliance on single-use plastic and inspiring to others to do the same, but you are also actively helping protect the environment. Every $10 spent gets you a token that you get to decide how to help the planet. 

Plant 2 trees

Remove 1 pound of trash from the ocean. 

Plant 1 piece of coral in the great barrier reef.

Cleaning Made Easy

The reYOUziCup and cutlery are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Each product also comes with a reusable spray bottle and recycled material napkin for easy on the go cleaning. Simply fill the bottle with a 25% vinegar (a natural cleaner) to water solution and your cup and cutlery will be clean for each use between washing. 

Sustainably Sourced

All products will be sourced at factories that meet the SEDEX requirements for  labour rights, health & safety, environmental and business ethics. We will also use minimal packaging to ensure our products are as green as possible. 

Tucker Gumber

Better known as "The Festival Guy," Tucker devoted his life to music festivals and is the author or The Festival Throwers Bible and The FestivalGoer's Guide. He's now set his sights on making single-use plastic a thing of the past. 

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Eric Dierks

Product Engineer

World traveler and mechanical engineer, Eric's focused on designing products to help people reduce their environmental impact as well as products for backpackers after seeing the need in his travels through Asia. He has a Master's and Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin, and lives in San Diego, California working for his small design company Sundance Product Development.

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